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The complete GST Solution

With over 25 years of experience and over 500,000 users, we now deliver to you Sage UBS with proper GST support. Reviewed by Tax Consultants and approved by the Royal Malaysian Customs for the purposes of the SME subsidy.

Sage UBS Accounting & Billing is the first step to computerized business. With more than 200,000 installations in Malaysia alone, we are now a household brand among Small Medium Businesses (SMBs). Many institutions of higher learning prefer Sage UBS Accounting & Billing as part of their course as it is simpleto use and has comprehensive reports. This provides a continuous availability of fresh and qualified accountants for SMEs to expand their business.

Why choose  Sage UBS?

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Flexibility returned to the users

As many of our customers are finally getting used to the GST control, we feel it is the right time to return control of the system to our customers. People are working closer together to generate the maximum output and taking this opportunity, the 2015 version introduces exciting and refreshing changes that integrates our various products to give you a complete flexible view and control over your accounts.
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Seamless Upgrade

We have discussed the expectation with a lot of customers on what they wished to see with the upgrade to GST and we are delivering it now. Learn about what it means and how easy it is to upgrade from what you have now to Sage 50/Sage UBS.
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